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Whilst growth in Thailand outpaces many of our global peers, this does not come without its challenges for companies in the financial sector. Many businesses face pressures generated by increased regulation, robust capital and lending criteria, and a global drive to improve disclosure, increase transparency and enhance shareholder protection.

Our local expertise is backed by the knowledge and experience of our global network, helping us to anticipate the needs of an ever-changing and uncertain marketplace.

Products and Services for the Financial Services Industry

All Risks and Business Interruption

This product covers loss or damage to property caused by any perils and accident arising from external causes others than excluded causes and cover income loss resulting from interruption or interference to business caused by such loss of damage to property.

Cyber Insurance

Addresses the liability of companies arising from data protection laws, the management of personal data and the consequences of losing corporate information.

Management Liability

Provides the insurance for your directors and officers.

Property Terrorism

Direct and physical loss or damage to property covered caused by Act of Terrorism as defined in the policy.

Commercial Crime

Protection against fraud, dishonesty, third party computer and funds transfer fraud.

Financial Institutions

A range of specialist products designed to meet the needs of Financial Institutions.

Professional Indemnity

Provides financial protection for professionals who sustain financial losses arising from negligence on their part or their employees’ part whilst providing professional services.