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Travel Tips and FAQs

General questions: Travel Guard

Why should I buy travel insurance for an overseas trip?
If an accident or sickness should occur during an overseas trip, you mayincur a lot of expenses. Furthermore, Thai travellers to European countries must produce evidence that they have travel insurance when they apply for a visa.
Does AIG Thailand offer annual travel insurance policies?
Yes, we also offer annual policies that provides coverage for a maximum of 120 days per trip, for an unlimited number of trips.

Is a traveller required to have physical examination before buying travel insurance?
Can a traveller who is over 75 years old purchase insurance?
Yes, but he is eligible for only Plan C,D of Travel Guard International coverage.
If the Insured cannot travel on the date stated in the policy, can he\ postpone the travel date?
Yes, but he must notify AIG before the inception date stated in the policy.
If the Insured’s visa application is not approved, can he request for premium refund?
Yes, but the Insured must make the request at least a day before the cover date. The cost of stamp and duty will be deducted from the amount of premium refund. Insured must submit 1) Premium Refund to Insured Form for Policy Cancellation 2) The copy of insured’s ID card / passport with insured signature 3) The copy of insured’s book bank.

If the Insured is hospitalised due to sickness contracted overseas, must he advance the payment of medical expenses?
The Insured must advance the payment of medical expenses if the amount is small. For large amount of expenses, the Insured should seek advice by calling the AIG Assistance Centre toll-free.
If the Insured has purchased travel insurance providing 180 days coverage for an individual trip, but has to extend his stay, can he purchase additional insurance?
No. Travel insurance must be purchased before the date of departure.

If an accident should occur while the Insured is overseas and it is necessary to seek treatment from a herbalist or acupuncturist, can the Insured claim for such medical expenses?
Yes, but all supporting documents must be produced as required and the reimbursement must not exceed Baht 1,500 per person/each accident.
Does medical expenses coverage include in-patient and out-patient treatment?

If follow-up treatment (from causes covered under the policy) is necessary, can the Insured seek follow-up treatment once he returns to Thailand?
Yes, but he must be hospitalised within 21 days upon return to Thailand.

If the Insured seeks follow-up treatment as an out-patient, can he claim medical expenses?

For hospitalisation, is there any limitation on the choice of room?
No, but the room chosen must be suitable for the treatment of each illness, as advised by the attending physician or other medical personnel.
If the Insured’s trip has to be curtailed, will the policy still be effective?
The policy’s coverage will terminate upon the Insured’s arrival in Thailand or on the expiry date stated in the policy, whichever occurs first.

If skiing or jet-skiing is included in the tour programme and the Insured is injured while participating in these activities. Can a claim be made?
Yes, provided that the Insured did not sustain the injury while competing the said activity is included in the tour programme.
Does AIG’s travel insurance policies cover  include motor racing, skiing or jet-skiing competition?
No. These activities are excluded.

Can a person with pre-existing conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, purchase travel insurance?
Yes,. However, if the Insured is hospitalised, the policy will not cover these pre-existing conditions or any complication arising from these conditions.
If an accident should occur while the Insured travels abroad by private aircraft, can the Insured claim for compensation?
No, the policy covers only journeys made in an aircraft operated by commercial airlines.

If the Insured needs appendicitis operation in a hospital, can he claim for compensation?
If the Insured becomes ill during an overseas trip, can he purchase drugs for self-treatment and claim for this?
No, a prescription issued by a registered physician is required.

If the Insured loses his baggage because he leaves the baggage unattended in a vehicle or public place, can he claim for compensation?
If the Insured is hospitalised because of illness and consequently dies as a result, what compensation can be claimed?
Medical expenses incurred, overseas hospital confinement benefit and repatriation.

If an Insured is hospitalised as a result of an accident and consequently dies from causes covered under the policy, what compensation can be claimed?
Medical expenses incurred, overseas hospital confinement benefit, repatriation.
and indemnity for accidental death.
If an Insured finds out -- after arrival in Thailand -- that hisbaggage has been damaged through the airline’s handling, can the Insured claim for such damage?

Can I purchase overseas travel insurance for a trip made by public land transport?
Does AIG’s travel insurance policy cover toothache?
The coverage under our policies donot include any dental treatment except for injury of natural teeth arising from accident and where treatment is necessary.

What should be done in case of the Insured’s death?
We offer coverage for repatriation of mortal remains to Thailand. The necessary arrangements will be made by Travel Assist.
Must the deceased’s relative advance the funeral arrangement?
No, the Company will pay directly to Travel Assist. AIG will refund the Insured’s estate for any relevant expenses actually incurred such as mortician’s fee, cost of casket, embalming andcremation.

In the event of baggage delay through the commercial airline’s handling, can I  claim for compensation?
Yes. AIG shall compensate the Insured for the emergency purchase of essential clothing or toiletries which the Insured has prepaid.

Overseas Student
Can students who are studying overseas purchase Overseas Student Policy?
Yes. They can also renew their policies while studying overseas. However, the total period must not exceed 24 months.

What is the age limit for persons who wish to purchase Travel Insurance for Overseas Student?
They must be between 15 and45 years of age.
If an Insured has suffered injury or illness while he is visiting his country of residence, does the policy cover such injury or illness?
The policy will cover only if the policy period is 12 months or more. The Company will pay up to Baht 200,000 of medical expenses and for a period of 90 days for medical expenses incurred in the country of residence.

What are the exclusions of School Fee Coverage?
Self-inflicted injury, injury sustained while participating in any professional sports or when the purpose of the trip is to obtain medical care or treatment.

If the Insured is injured by other persons during a robbery, assault, aniping ormurder, what compensation is claimable?
The Insured can claim for  injury from crime.

Can the policy be renewed while the Insured is overseas?
Yes. However, the total period must not exceed 24 months.

If the Insured visits other countries than the country in which he is studying, will he be covered by this policy?