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Contaminated Product / Product Recall (Casualty Insurance) - AIG Thailand

Products like food, drink, cosmetics products, for instance, are susceptible to contamination, whether accidental or intentional (malicious).

Hotel Operators Scheme (Casualty Insurance) - AIG Thailand

Hotel Operators Scheme is a package Public Liability (PL) policy which is designed specifically for hotel/resort operators.

Pollution Legal Liability

This flexible, strategic insurance cover is designed to help companies manage environmental risks by providing coverage for losses due to pollution resulting from site-related environmental liabilities that come with owning or operating a facility or site. Coverage may be tailored to meet the unique and individual risk of the organization.

Public Liability (Casualty Insurance) - AIG Thailand

Public Liability provides indemnity to an Insured for his legal liabilities as well as legal liabilities of his representatives and employees arising in connection with the Insured's business, carried out at and from the specific place of business.

Workmen Compensation / Employer’s Liability (Casualty Insurance) - AIG Thailand

An employer may be legally liable to provide compensation to his workers and their dependants for personal injury/death by accident arising out of and during the course of employment. WCEL covers the employer for such liabilities.

Hazardous Substances Transportation Act (Casualty Insurance) - AIG Thailand

Its purpose is to protect against the risks to life, property, and the environment that are inherent in the transportation of hazardous material.

Oil and Gas Service Contractors (Casualty Insurance) - AIG Thailand

Oil and Gas Service Contractors in the ASEAN Region (OSCAR) fulfils the insurance contractual requirements of general oil and gas contractors. It provides General Liability (GL) and Workmen Compensation/Employer's Liability (WCEL) for oil and gas contractors working onshore and/or offshore.

Product Liability

A manufacturer/distributor may be held liable for bodily injury or damage to property of others caused by defective products.

Small Contractors Scheme (Casualty Insurance) - AIG Thailand

Small Contractors Scheme is a package policy that aims to provide Public Liability (PL) cover to general/specialty contractors.