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Contractors in the oil and gas sector have unique insurance needs. Every project presents new challenges and opportunities – especially so when it comes to potential liabilities.

Who is it for?

Oil and gas service contractors. Some of the key services include:

  • Maintenance works / repair
  • Survey
  • Cleaning services
  • Engineering works
  • Drilling/exploration
  • Catering

What's covered?*

Oil and Gas Service Contractors in the ASEAN Region (OSCAR) fulfils the insurance contractual requirements of general oil and gas contractors. It provides General Liability (GL) and Workmen Compensation/Employer’s Liability (WCEL) for oil and gas contractors working onshore and/or offshore.

* Note:

- This is not a contract of insurance. All benefits and coverages are subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions and to the limits indicated under the selected plan (if any).

- Please ensure you read carefully and understand the insurance coverages and conditions prior to making a decision.