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Elite home covers with 4 plans to choose from extensive benefits include all-risks home and contents cover, coverage extension to antiques and painting, Burglary, and Public liability cover.

Elite Home Package is our most comprehensive packaged home coverage for protection in any situation. It is an all-risks cover for building (include foundation) and contents.

You can rest assured knowing that you are well protected. Optional coverage may extend to cover your valuable items such as antiques, paintings, jewelry and watch.


All-risks cover for building and household contents

Your building including foundation and household contents are covered for all risks, subject to policy terms and conditions. If a break-in occurs, theft covers give you the maximum of THB 500,000 limit per occurrence.

Protect against public liability

You could be covered for up to THB 2 Million against personal liability if you and your family are held legal liable for accidental injury or property damage to a third party

Help after a loss

Damage to your home could mean additional cost for alternative accommodations. We help with your temporary housing expense of up to THB 500,000

Who it is for

Owners of executive home, private home who want premium home cover plan for high-value items.



Elite I 

Elite II  Elite III 

All Risk

Such as Fire, Lightning, Water Damage, Windstorm, Earthquake, etc. (Cover every perils which are not in the exclusion)

3,000,000-10,000,000 10,000,001-20,000,000 20,000,001-30,000,000


(Maximum Indemnity and rating will be varied by location of risk)

Minimum 100,000 - 2,000,000 Baht 

Not exceeding  10% of Sum Insured

Item Optional coverage*

Antiques and Paintings 

Limit per item/Limit in aggregate

20,000/200,000 40,000/400,000 60,000/600,000 100,000/1,000,000
2 Landscaping, Gardening and Growing Trees 100,000 200,000 300,000 500,000
3 Electrical Injury 200,0000 500,000 700,000 1,000,000

Temporary Accommodation Expenses.

Limit per day/Limit in aggregate 90 days

2,000/100,000 3,000/200,000 5,000/300,000 10,000/50,000

Temporary Removal / Storage  Expenses.

Limit per month/Limit in aggregate 3 months

2,000/6,000 3,000/9,000 5,000/15,000 10,000/30,000

Damage of Personal Belongings.  

Limit per person/ Limit in aggregate

10,000/50,000 20,000/100,000
7 Debris Removal Expenses 10% of Sum Insured
8 Professional Fees 10% of Sum Insured
9 Fire Extinguishing Expenses 10% of Sum Insured

Fire Prevention Expense.      

Limit per occurrence / Limit in aggregate

11 Burglary, Robbery, Gang Robbery and Theft within premise. (Limit per occurrence) 100,000 200,000 300,000 500,000
12 Damage of premises by Burglary or Robbery such as door, window (Limit per occurrence) 40,000 80,000

Loss of Jewelry and Watch due to Burglary, Robbery, and Gang Robbery with in premise and outside premise while traveling within Thailand (Deductible 2,000 Baht per each one every occurrence) 

Limit per item/ Limit in aggregate


14 Plate Glass Insurance 100,000 200,000

Public Liability Insurance     

Personal Liability  

Personal Medical





Additional Coverage

Burglary, Robbery, Gang Robbery and Theft within premise

Maximum Sum Insured is limited to 100% of furniture, fixtures, and household contents sum insured
Plate Glass InsuranceMaximum Sum Insured is limited to 100% of plate glass actual value.

Optional coverage

Golfer’s Indemnity (Limit of Liability per Household)
Third Party Liability 1,000,000
Golf Equipment
Limit per item 10,000
Limit in aggregate 100,000
Annual Premium  2,250
(subject to vat and stamp duty)

- All benefits, coverages and sum insured are subject to the policy terms, conditions, exclusions and to the limits indicated under the selected plan (if any).

- Please ensure you read carefully and understand the insurance coverages and conditions prior to making a decision.

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