Workmen Compensation / Employer’s Liability (WC/EL)

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Compensation to employees who are injured physically by accident or a disease, which occurs due to the insured operations.

Who is it for?

All occupations.

What is covered?*

Workmen Compensation (WC)

Employers’ Liability under the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, concerning Workmen Compensation procedure as stipulated in such relevant laws and regulations which is in effect whilst employees sustain Injuries.

Employer’s Liability (EL)

Employers’ Liability under the Thai Civil and Commercial code subject to a Limit of indemnity of not exceeding Baht 1,500,000 per accident or disease.


- This is not a contract of insurance. All benefits and coverages are subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions and to the limits indicated under the selected plan (if any).

- Please ensure you read carefully and understand the insurance coverages and conditions prior to making a decision.