My Home My Choice

Customised home cover for high-value items


Plan design to suit for private home or condominium. Flexible building and home contents cover with protection for high-value items. You can choose your desired level of main coverage and several add-ons to fit your living style.

Whether you live in a mid-town condominium or lake side private house, basic fire insurance may not be sufficient for your needs.

With My Home My Choice package, you can now choose your preferred cover based on your specific needs. Start with your main building or contents coverage and then tailor your plan with suitable coverage for your living styles.


Safeguard your belongings

My Home My Choice could cover your renovated items and household contents and valuables against mishaps like fires and break-ins. This means you and your immediate family will be able to replace your fixtures and fittings, furniture and other personal belongings because of damage covered in the policy.

Tailored coverage

My Home My Choice Package is designed to be customisable. You can choose a level of building or contents cover suited to the home and you own and enhance your coverage with a suite of options for your living style.

Special add-on benefits

A suit of 4 options means that you can get the right protection for your specific needs. Choose from break-in theft of your personal belonging, damaged to your electrical appliance from electrical short circuit, plate glass coverage, and personal liability.

Who is it for

Owners of all types of homes who want home contents, building and personal protection coverage, such as personal liability and personal medical payment.

This plan is not recommended for homeowners who require the foundation cover.


Main Coverage

Select plan

Main Coverage

Limit of Liability (Baht)

Main Coverage 1

Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Water Damage, Aircraft Impact and Vehicle Impact

(Net Valuable Property)

Burglary, Robbery, Gang Robbery


(Net Valuable Property)

Main Coverage 2

Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Water Damage, Aircraft Impact and Vehicle Impact, Windstorm, Smoke, Earthquake


(Net Valuable Property)


Burglary, Robbery, Gang Robbery


(Net Valuable Property)
Minimum limited 50,000 Baht

Additional Coverage*

Select plan

Additional Coverage

Limit of Liability (Baht)/ Premium (Baht)

Additional Coverage 1

Loss of Jewelry and watch due to Burglary, Robbery, and Gang Robbery within premise  

          10,000 Baht/Item 
          200,000 Baht/aggregate
          (Deductible 5,000 Baht per each one every occurrence)
          Premium 1,000/Baht

Additional Coverage 2

Electrical Injury

          50,000           premium  250/Baht
          100,000         premium  500/Baht
          200,000         premium  1,000/Baht
          300,000         premium  1,500/Baht
          500,000         premium  2,500/Baht

Additional Coverage 3

Plate Glass Insurance

          10,000           premium  300/Baht
          20,000           premium  600/Baht
          30,000           premium  900/Baht
          50,000           premium  1,500/Baht
          100,000         premium  3,000/Baht

Additional Coverage 4

Public Liability Insurance

(Limit in aggregate for third party’s property damage and/or medical expense and death)

  • Personal Medical Payments

          2,000,000 per year/ in aggregate



          20,000/person, maximum Baht 200,000 in occurrence)
          Premium  794/Baht

- All benefits, coverages and sum insured are subject to the policy terms, conditions, exclusions and to the limits indicated under the selected plan (if any).

- Please ensure you read carefully and understand the insurance coverages and conditions prior to making a decision.

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