Marine Liability

Critical protection for portside

operations of all types and sizes

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Broad, flexible cover

We offer an adjustable solution that is based around the true needs of our clients from port authorities to terminal operators and all operations in between, covering not only third party damage, but also damage to the owner’s property and the interests of people injured as a result.

Our global reach works for you

By necessity, marine is a global business. At AIG, we combine local expertise and knowledge with the quality and responsiveness of our international network, to ensure the best possible protection for our clients’ assets and their business reputation.

Who is it for?

Our protection includes key sectors such as:

  • Carrier’s Liability
  • Terminal operators
  • Port authorities
  • Stevedores liability
  • Ship repair companies
  • Freight-Forwarders liability

What is covered?*

  • Carrier’s Liability
    The insurance is covering legal liability of the carriers and protects them against the claims on cargo damaged or lost during transports carried by their vehicles.
  • Freight-Forwarders Liability
    Package cover against liability for cargo, errors and omission, third-party liability arising from freight-forwarding operations.
  • Ship Repairer's Liability
    Indemnifies against liability for damage to vessel, machinery or equipment whilst being worked upon, and third-party liability arising from ship repairing operations.
  • Port/Terminal Operator's Liability
    Indemnifies against liability for damage to third-party property, bodily injury, defence cost and expenses resulting from insured operation within the port.

* Note:

- This is not a contract of insurance. All benefits and coverages are subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions and to the limits indicated under the selected plan (if any).

- Please ensure you read carefully and understand the insurance coverages and conditions prior to making a decision.